djembe fix

All drums need some loving sometimes.

The collagen in animals skins break down over time, the ropes can stretch and your a drum head can be worn out and tired.

A djembe or djun can be reheaded with goat skin, calf, or we have a few different types of synthetic skin. The best vegan skin I've found is almost indestructible.
Don't be put off by a synthetic. They can sound amazing. 

My vegan drum skin comes with a satisfaction and long life  guarantee. 

I pride myself on the quality of my instruments. If you need something special, please get in touch. I've provided instruments for TV, backline hire companies, churches and local bands.

Some of the instruments I have for hire:

Surdos 14" to 24"


Bateria cutlery, pots and pans


Djun set




much more...

And if I don't have it, I can probably find it for you.